Partnership Trust

Caritamo Foundation Caritamo Foundation created a program called "Partnership Trust ". This program have various sub-program divisions and services across Canada and it will bring us together into one social organization.

As the majority of NFP and charity organizations, our foundation come up with a plan for creating this program with other businesses and organizations. The program is a joint fundraising program across Canada with many benefits for "Partnership Trust" members. Imagine that you become partner with a national child-welfare foundation. Our foundation does its efforts to increase the public's awareness of the urgent need for children, young people and their related families. And you become our partner !

For organizations :

Passionate people with "self-employed" status or organizations can become the member of our network. If you are an organization and at least a small part of your activity covers children, young people and their related families, you can become our "Partnership Trust" member.

As the eyes and ears of foundation's mission, "Partnership Trust" members dedicate their hearts and minds to improving life and maintaining our focus on children, young people and their related families' welfare.

For businesses :

- You participate in a great social cause and when you support a child's urgent cause; you become a part of a child's beautiful life,
- If you provides services or products, you become our first provider,
- Since your business becomes the member of "Partnership Trust" partnership, you become the member of our network,
- Our registered members with fidelity membership card (similar to AirMiles or Aeroplan) will be rewarded to accumulate either our points or receiving a small rebate when they purchase your services,
- You become the favorite business of your area, gaining superiority to your area's competitors and you increase the volume of your clients,
- You can become our sponsor and you have tax credit benefits.

If you have any of statuses above, as "self-employed", "Organization" or "Business", you are interested in becoming our "Partnership Trust" member or for learning more about our programs; please write us at at: with a brief introduction of your business and your interest.

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