Volunteer Program

The Caritamo Foundation acts as a volunteer charity organization that builds caring communities by connecting volunteers our organization or to the causes that need them. Volunteer centers are your local leaders in community engagement. When you work as volunteer for Caritamo and related organizations, you're strengthening volunteerism and supporting voluntary organizations across the country in their work with volunteers and offers the volunteer potential social benefits and occasionally remunerations.

Planned-Giving Program

The Caritamo Foundation acts as a "Planned-Giving" organization between donors and children in urgent need. When a caritamo is registered in our programs, we must find donors who support the caritamo's urgent need directly or through other organization. Our "Planned-Giving" Program includes life insurance, recurring monthly support", developing-cure donations, gifts-in-kind, etc. and offers the donor potential income tax benefits and other social benefits.

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Welcome to the Caritamo Foundation

Twelve years since our volunteers, our unknown guardian angels starting without any expectations our first missions in 2004, offering our services generously with passionate heart and inspired soul, collaborating with other humanitarian organizations wherever our help needed, until obtaining our desired price, a delighted caritamo's smile.
We became the Caritamo Foundation, a leading Not-for-profit independent organization. As a charity organization, our mission continues by leading the world to a better understanding of children's rights. We help children during warfare and violent conflicts, in the aftermath of natural disasters, and in situations of extreme poverty and social injustice. We provide them an environment in which their human rights and needs are respected and protected, so they can realize their fullest potential. To achieve this, our programs focus on caritamo rights and protection, health and nutrition, clean water, education, sustainable livelihoods, emergency relief and survival.


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