Caritamo Foundation is a leading Not-for-profit humanitarian organization, created to work either individually or alongside other charitable sector organizations, private sectors and governments in the community.

Our first mission is focuses on leading the world to a better understanding of children's rights to which they are entitled under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that forms the basis of all of our work in Canada and around the world. We help children and their family in urgent medical need, poverty, educational difficulties, violence, conflicts, social injustice, warfare and during the aftermath of natural disasters. We provide, an environment in which their human rights and needs are respected and protected, so they can realize their fullest potential. To achieve this, our programs focus on child rights and protection, health, nutrition, clean water, education, sustainable livelihoods, emergency relief and survival.

Building on community strengths, the initiative creates a foundation for the mobilization and strengthening of child-focused community resilience and preparedness activities; building our capacity to respond and recovery interventions based on need developed with communities.

Beside our main priority that is essentially supporting children, we have a vast sector of other humanitarian activities:

- Providing resources that help strengthen charities and their operations, so they can, in turn, support the communities they serve,

- Helping women and families in crises. We offer them social support, shelter and a healthy environment,

- Reduction of mortality rate among underprivileged women and children, caused by poor hygiene, financial instability and malnutrition,

- Supporting families when children cannot receive any food from their education institutions, during festival vacation,

- Child and youth educational programs, summer camps and organized trips,

- Awareness/Sensitizing Program, seminars, conferences and other academic programs that help public to understand their responsibility toward our society and our new generations,

- Individual fundraising programs that search donors for one or some particular cases and transferring their donation for the specific urgent medical need of children,

- Helping new immigrants and refugees, inside and outside of our territories, in relation with other governmental organizations.

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